The Studio

Norrtullsgatan 7 in Stockholm is the base for Weld’s studio and office. The studio, which is 12 m X 10 m in size, is a basement where the ceiling is raised and has created a 6 meter high room with raw concrete walls. The office / lobby is on the street level.

When the studio becomes a stage, it is possible to build 80 seats for the audience, including standing on our balcony gets even more space.

The fire department allows 150 people at the same time in the room.Various artists and residence choreographers work in the studio. Here are performances for professionals in the field, the public and for schools. The studio also organizes seminars, lectures and workshops.

Accessibility: The room is partially adapted for people with disabilities. If you have wheelchair there is a lift adjacent to the room but it depends a bit on the size of your wheelchair. To see our performances you can sit on our distinguished balcony, where you also have access to a nearby toilet.