April 14–18. Yellow Puzzle Horse / Dinis Machado (PT/SE)

Yellow Puzzle Horse is a dance for a self made dress in a constructed forest. The dress, as important as the sewing and the dancing, as forbidden labours.

During the last year, while the world withdrew in isolation, Dinis Machado started spending long periods in the forest whilst thinking, fantasising and experimenting this dance. Spending time in the forest made them notice and relate with matter in transformation. The way the same matter assumes shapes as a tree, a bug, a mushroom, a bear or a berry. Also, the way the berry becomes the bear when it is eaten, how the tree becomes a mushroom when occupied by the fungus, how the mushroom becomes part of their body when they eat it.

Dinis feels how close our bodies are to becoming the tree and the mushroom – How matter transports itself from constellation to constellation of life – at the same time that their mind is occupied with gender questions – what things they were not expected to do, to feel, to wear, to become. Gender, as the forest, feels for Dinis like a mutable constellation, where one thing can become another but can also decompose and rest in the space in between, when the tree is neither the tree or the fungus but an unnamed process in between. What does it mean to be queer when one is alone, away from another’s gaze? What is queerness as a relation with oneself?

This dance is building a fictional body searching a relationship with a dress, while paradoxically dissolving itself in continuous metamorphoses, hosting emotions, imageries, trauma and sensations. Impressions, flashes, vague memories, and emptied out narrative fragments. Moving through desire.

I miss a teenager girl that escaped to the forest.
Her purple sports trousers with low waist and her white lycra crop top.
Her oversized jacket.
Her forbidden cigarettes and her scrambled poetry.
Her euphoric nostalgia and her humorous naughtiness.
I miss her carelessness walking through the woods, disappearing as a protest.
I am this girl sometimes.

Choreography, dance, dress, objects and light
Dinis Machado (SE/PT)

Original soundtrack

Coproduced by Weld (Stockholm/SE), Skogen (Gothenburg/SE), MARC (Kivic/SE)) and ZDB (Lisbon/PT)) Residency support of Siobhan Davis Dance (London/UK),  Inter arts Centre (Malmö / SE) and Citemor (Montemor o Velho / PT)
Production Support of Metal (Peterborough/UK)
Financed by Kulturrådet (SE) and Arts Council England (UK)

The work in progress variation A dance for a dress in the forest was  commissioned by Anna Asplind for Sjösala Dansbana – Unexpected Movements within the context of Movements of Change in partnership with Riksteatern.