June 17–20 juni. Water @ Weld. Installation: Hydra + Rain Room

Every day June 17–20 at 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm

Free admission

Available to book from June 1 at 12pm

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Hydra is a scenic and performative proposal on documentation, film, memory and gaze, a collaboration between Pontus Pettersson and Salad Hilowle, both with one leg in the visual arts and the other one in dance as well as film. The installation serves as a halfway situation where the work is made to manifest the project’s current state.

In the darkness of the theater the monster sees its reflection on the ground. One body or more, why would it matter if we are all water? Hydra is a staging of the show. Where the camera points to the body and the director caught its tongue. In the middle of it all, in everything, a water practice. A molecular majority claims its right before the individual, perhaps before the language? Bodies that float and separate, an impossible hunt as choreographic practice, or is that just the way water dances? A floating subject that digs and dews, splashes and spills over the audience, like a water slide, and a spit in the face

Rain Room is a sound installation by Hara Alonso where the participants get an immersive physical experience through sound. Understanding sound as a vibration that moves through space and transforms it, sometimes subtle, sometimes violent, this installation attempts to cleave the body and dissolve it. Taking the rain sound as germinal material, Hara Alonso has explored ways of reproducing natural phenomena into a digital one. As a sort of virtual augmentation, the rain expands its limits, dancing against gravity, inside the bodies of the installation.

Water @ Weld is co-produced by Weld and MARC with support by the Swedish Arts Council

Pontus Pettersson
is a choreographer and artist based in Stockholm, working in the expanded field of choreography and contemporary dance. Pettersson’s artistic work is a mix of practices and genres, where text, objects, sculptures, and choreographic instructions are always a part of the whole piece. Applying choreography into everything he does, his work goes from installation work, poetry, and fountains to object making, cat practicing, and dancing. Besides the participatory platform project Delta he is the initiator and curator of the dance and performance festival My Wild Flag together with Karina Sarkissova.

Salad Hilowle
graduated from Konstfack in 2018 and in the spring of 2020, he took his master’s degree in Fine Art at The Royal Institute of Art. His art revolves around identity, memory, place, visibility, and in-betweenness. Among other things, he is behind the award-winning short films Erinra, Letters to Sweden, and Waryaa. His fine-tuned and poetic films have been shown at festivals around Europe and the latter two can also be seen on Swedish television. Salad was in 2015 one of two artists who received the prestigious Engman Scholarship. In the spring of 2019, he showed video works ‘Home is where the heart is’ and ‘The Closed Circle’ in the metro station Skanstull in Stockholm curated by Johanna Billing. In 2020, he was awarded the Bernadotte Scholarship by the Academy of Fine Arts for his work in making people of African descent visible in Swedish art history.

Hara Alonso
is a pianist and composer based in Stockholm. Emerging from a classical contemporary background, in her current practice electronic and instrumental music coexist along with interactive works. Her music blends dance, electronica, and experimental aesthetics generating rich, complex, and imaginative sonic universes. Movement and physicality is a central element in her creation, therefore she collaborates in multiple dance and circus projects. Her work has been presented in multiple festivals and venues as Sound of Stockholm (Sweden), Biennale de Musique en Scène (Lyon, France), S.T.R.E.A.M. Festival (Germany) and Keroxen (Spain). In 2021 her new album for piano and electronics ‘Somatic Suspension’ was released on the label Eotrax.

Due to Covid-19, we carry out our public events with a limited audience, safe distances and follow the public health authority’s recommendations.

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm