Sep 2–10. Moving Landscapes / QUARTO

After ten years of working with the black kilometer-long rope, which took QUARTO to unexpected places and successes, they continue their uncompromising artistic exploration of bodies in relation to materials. This year QUARTO celebrate their 20th anniversary. Their new work Moving Landscapes is presented as a video installation/performance at Weld September 8-10. Also as an urban intervention at Odenplan September 3.

Moving Landscapes (Video installation and performance)

September 8
Open 5pm–9pm (Performance at 7pm)

September 9
Open 3pm–7pm (Performance at 6pm)

September 10
Open  2pm–6pm (Performance at 5pm)

Weld, Norrtullsgatan 7

The entrance fee paid for the exhibition is valid for all days of the exhibition. Come and go as you please.

Moving Landscapes is a child-friendly event.


Moving Landscapes (Urban intervention)

Sep 3 at 2pm–4pm   (changed day due to to the weather)

Free admission

Moving Landscapes is a performative installation, site-specific work and video series where our values and attitudes toward the territory, locality, ecology of habitation and porosity between private and public, are explored in an intricate choreography of bodies and a metal cube.

This physical structure is purposefully simple. It’s an empty volume, a three-dimensional cube made of metal pipes measuring 3mx3m. Observed on its own, in its basic constructivist simplicity, this support structure exists as a representation of the porous boundaries between internal and external, private and public. It is an ambiguous skeleton that maintains the void, inside and around of which we can dwell.

QUARTO´s interest in the CUBE as a performative tool unfolds along two complementary lines of research that tackle its inherent paradox: concrete materiality of its skeletal construction and immaterial voidness, the emptiness of it which is only suggesting the porous reality of an internal/external space. The concrete construction of the cube is of interest to us both in terms of the work (construction as a verb) and physical presence (construction as a noun).

The materiality of the cube which is in the ongoing process of dis-assembling through the activity of the bodies that are engaging with it generates shared choreographies of behavior and co-llaboration that affect and shape the spacetime of the performance. By treating the cube as an ongoing work – of making it, transporting it, and inhabiting it – QUARTO are continuing the performative procedure that they developed previously in relation to the rope.

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is an artist duo founded in 2003 by Anna Mesquita and Leandro Zappala. They live and work between two very different cultures – Brazil and Sweden. QUARTO engages in a long-term research with artists and researchers in interdisciplinary art, involving both theory and practice. Engaged in philosophical questions about power relations and the limits of the body, they seek to create thoughts and subjectivity through a radical, visual and physical experience.

Choreography, concept & performance: Anna Mesquita & Leandro Zappala
Artistic advisor: Igor Dobričić
Light design & technical coordinator: Tobias Hallgren (Lumination of Sweden)
Sound design: Tim Palmer
Cinematography: Gregori Bastos, Mary Isaac, Osama Elgendy, Anton Abrahamsson & Maria Berg (Septemberfilm).
Edit & postproduction: Leandro Zappala, Henrik Norberg (Septemberfilm) & Gregori Bastos.

Co-production: Weld, Dansens Hus Stockholm & Art Stations Foundation / Susch Museum (Switzerland).

Collaborations and upcoming tour: MDT (Sweden), Breaking Walls Festival Cairo (Egypt), Art Stations Foundation / Museum Susch (Switzerland), GAM Cultural Center (Chile) Panorama International Dance Festival (Brazil), The National Institute of Performing Arts – INAE (Uruguay) and Campo (Brazil).

Supported by the Swedish Arts Council.

Weld is supported by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm