May 31. Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography

Sparkling Conversations: Informal conversations on dance and choreography initiated and moderated by Carima Neusser.

On May 31 we invite you who work with dance and choreography to the spring’s second occasion of intimate dialogue evenings. These evenings start with an artist talk with artists from the international dance field, followed by questions and an open discussion. For this evening, Benoît Lachambre and Ricardo Rubio have been invited to participate via zoom from Canada and Mexico.

The idea is that these presentations can lead us into new topics, questions and reflections on our artistic practices and work. The initiative comes from a desire to enrich the dance field with perspectives on dance and choreography that differ from established way of talking about dance and choreography. With the dialogues, we want to create greater artistic diversity and new forms of discussion about dance.

The talks can also be seen as a response to a longing for artistic discussions that can take place collectively and that can strengthen our community as artists and open up new meetings and networks. We want to create a place for fruitful exchanges that focus on art and the artistic directly and without self-censorship. We will discuss everything from dance, choreography, process, the inexhaustible potential of our bodies, the unknown within us and life itself.
We want to initiate meetings that draw inspiration from our artistic visions, desires, reflections and above all our curiosity about the body, dance and choreography.

We shape the evening together!

The talks are open to practitioners of dance and choreography and artists who work with the body and movement and take place in Weld’s foyer

May 31 from 8pm

Norrtullsgatan 7

Max 15 people.

Coffee will be provided

Language: English

Free admission

Reserve a seat at:

Participating artists:
Benoît Lachambre and Ricardo Rubio (via Zoom frpm Canada and Mexico)

The talks are moderated and organised by Carima Neusser in collaboration with Weld and Vision Forum

Benoît Lachambre (CA)
is a Montréal-based choreographer, dancer, improviser, teacher. Active in the dance community since the 1970s, Benoît Lachambre first learned about Releasing in 1985. This kinaesthetic approach to movement and its use of improvisation became an important influence in his choreographic work. He decided to immerse himself in an exploratory approach to movement and its sources, to seek out the authenticity of movement. His work, both as a choreographer and a performer, has at its centre the hyper-awareness of the senses, and the connection between the somatic and the artistic is central to his practice. In his creative process, he aims at thoroughly exploring the empathetic experience of the performer and the spectator and the intrinsic malleability of both roles. He has created 18 works for his own company since Par B.L.eux was founded, and participated in more than 20 productions by other companies, in addition to some 25 commissioned works.

Ricardo Rubio (MX)
is a Mexican choreographer, poet, and performance artist. He is founder and current director of INTERflamenca. His personal approach to creations is to dialogue with diverse disciplines like poetry, ethnography, performance and electronic media, to research the purpose of ancient rituals in Latin America and traditional dances in the contemporary world. He has collaborated with artists such as Rosario Ancer (CA), Carola Zertuche (US), Mariana Collado (ES), Robert Steijn (NL),Eva Milich (SE) and Kaśka Arbaczewska-Matys (PL), currently with Benoît Lachambre (CA)

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