Sep 4. Communal Rope ”as a promise of what is yet to come” / QUARTO

September 4 at 10am–4pm

The whole walk lasts for 6 hours starting at Weld.
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Free admission

COMMUNAL ROPE ”as a promise of what is yet to come”

It all started a decade ago as an exhilarating yet laborious encounter between the one-thousand meter-long stretch of thick black rope and the two of us. Following many editions of this initial encounter, time has come to share the rope. Instead of letting it coil and knot in between the two of us we are relaxing the grip over it in order to extend, stretch and make it travel among others and across the cityscape.

During several hours a temporary community of participants will walk the rope through the streets of Stockholm, in between Weld – Dansens Hus – MDT.

While working our way along the rope, we will once again question an old unfulfilled promise: that the shared work has the power to make us dream about the city as a topography of an active compassionate co-existence that we can claim as our shared home. And, even if no city of today can live up to this promise, even if such a shared home is not yet built, this will not prevent us from desiring it into existence. Maybe, just maybe, the kilometer-long rope can help us dream. The knot is getting undone yet entanglement is maintained, beyond the density of the material and toward the voids that are opening in between. When the connections between the multiple separate points becomes the real purpose of stretching the rope, then the distance that was separating us is suddenly revealed as a web of intimate yet immaterial relations that are bringing us together, that are re-creating the time-space that we are sharing, social time-space which hold us and host us, in whose in-betweenness we are dwelling.

It will be a six-hour long gathering that moves slowly through the city. You choose whether you want to participate in the whole experience or parts of it. Audience hosts are included during the trip.

Choreography, Concept: Anna Mesquita, Leandro Zappala
Dramaturgy: Igor Dobričić
Visual Artist Pol Matthé
Video: Lumination of Sweden & Mila Ercoli
Production: QUARTO & Nordberg Movement
Coordinator: Nina Overli

With support by Stockholms stad, the Swedish Arts Council and Region Stockholm

Co-production: Weld, MDT & Dansens Hus Stockholm

In cooperation with SKH

Photo: QUARTO, Leandro Zappala

is an artist duo founded in 2003 by Anna af Sillén de Mesquita and Leandro Zappala. QUARTO exists as an interdisciplinary platform. Based in Stockholm they live between Brazil and Sweden collaborating with other artists, researchers, academics and institutions devoted to research and development in the art field.