Aug 21. Nordic Residency – RISK (DK): In Between Concrete

Nordic Residency at Weld presents a workpresentation of In Between Concrete by RISK (DK)

We can say that In Between Concrete investigates a series of choreographic strategies and ideas directed towards liberating the performer’s body from the politics of relating; a de-psychologising from narrations, that dominate our way of reading and interpreting performative situations. It is an attempt to re-position the signifying performer, the central point of focus in a performance, in order to create a different compositional practice, or one could also call it a different democratic ratio, between the choreographed body and its surroundings. A withdrawal from being in the forefront of a space, to contributing on equal terms with other present elements, to the total nature of a space.

How does In Between Concrete redefine our understanding of subject and object? What happens to the performer’s understanding of body when it’s robbed of its known subjectivity? How can movement, and by that choreography, occur from an object, from something that has no desire of its own? How does this practice of withdrawal effect our way of entering and reading performative situations as an audience?

is a collective founded in 2009 on principles of sharing artistic ideas as well as production related and organisational work loads. They oppose the highly hierarchical institutionalised Danish art scene and the contemporary obsession with the individual artist persona rather than the artistic work or process in itself. In 2012 RISK expanded its function from being a solely hosting- and facilitating unit to also being an artistically practising collective. They create work from the same source of principles regarding artistic sharing; being highly critical towards ideas of individual ownership and authorship in the search for artistic expressions that can question and interrogate contemporary cultural and socio-political power structures.