Feb 7. Dancing Plague – Triple night

A trippel night ending the project Dancing Plague.
Solo by Lea Martini (DE), concert by Tian Rotteveel (NL) and an open dance floor.


Lea Martinis solo In the inside there is sleeping had it´s first outburst at Theateer Freiburg in December 2013. At was lately performed at Skogen in Gothenburg. During her residence at Weld, Lea Martini has developed the solo further together with lightdesigner Camilla Vetters.

Choreography/Dance: Lea Martini (DE)
Light: Camilla Vetters (DE)

”submerged, in a certain way keen on sports and the particles of skin
the phantasma of a daily practice that slowly takes over
that grows into dissolution
there’s no good reason to disappear completely,
there’s no good reason to avoid extinction
where could we find each other?
on which bridge in which paris?
in which unwritten novel?
(in which century under which corsage would we murmur?)
it’s a solo that misses the others
it’s a daily practice that hopefully kills its operator”

It can be developed due to the support of Theater Freiburg, Skogen, Weld and Tanzplattform Deutschland.


8pm – 9pm
Live music performance and compositions by Tian Rotteveel (NL)

Flipsides is a spectral soundconcert. Where a process of unstoppable sound is transformed into meaning and organized music, but also into the domain of mere sensation. Unrecognizable sound activates sense making processes but also stimulates the visceral capacity of the body entraining with a phenomena of sound.  Such sound is being worked on, and carefully transformed into the very musical domains, opening narrative, harmonic and orchestral music. Exploring the flipside between electronic and acoustic music, and the flipside between the understandable and the non-understandable.

9pm – 11pm

Subsequent to the concert experience « Flipsides » by Tian Rotteveel and as a closure of the Dancing Plague, we invite you to a dance night. It is an invitation to follow the rhythm of the music and to surrender to your dance desires.

Dj’s: Lea Martini and Tian Rotteveel

Let’s leave our prejudice and concerns behind and shake it all out.


The evening is part of the project Dancing Plague that is held at Weld January 31 and February 7, presented as a solo, workshop, film- and lecture evening, concert and open dancefloor where dance and music as infection and excess are in focus.

The project Dancing Plague is created by Lea Martini in collaboration with Anne-Mareike Hess. Hess and Martini works in recidency at Weld January 19 to February 8 2014

Dancing Plague, Dancing mania or Choreomania are names for the phenomenon in the middle ages where people bursted into uncontrollable, contaminated movement excesses. Possible triggers for these outbursts stay within the realm of speculation and fantastic stories.

A collaboration between Skogen and Weld


Works as a performer and choreographer in Amsterdam and Berlin. A former gymnast, she studied contemporary dance in Berlin as well as choreography and performance in Arnhem (EDDC – European Dance Development Centre) and Amsterdam (SNDO – School for New Dance Development).

Studied Applied Theatre Sciences in Giessen (Germany), as well as one year each in Vienna (Theatre Studies) and Istanbul (Contemporary Dance). She has worked in different constellations as performer, dramaturgy adviser, light designer (lately for Susanne Zaun, swoosh lieu, Skart), but also pursuits her own projects and researches.

Studied at the Royal Conservatory and HKU-KMT (NL), and choreography and dance at HZT in Berlin. Rotteveel has been working with MAE-Chamber Ensemble, Jeremy Wade, Tino Sehgal, Jared Gradinger & Angela Schubot, Lea Martini, David Zambrano, Meg Stuart’s Damaged Goods, SEAD, Plesna Izna Maribor.