FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, October 4+5+6

Peter Stamer, Sybrig Dokter, Andreas Müller

There is nothing in front of me. There is nothing underneath my feet. There is nothing to my left. There is nothing here. There is nothing beyond the door, nothing the cat is running away with. There is nothing buried underneath the tree. There is nothing bruised, nothing growing in my kidneys. There is nothing funny about a gold fish. There is nothing in the house, nothing in the milky way. There is nothing left to see. Funny

Concept: Peter Stamer
Performance: Sybrig Dokter, Peter Stamer, Andreas Müller
Dramaturgy: Christine Standfest
Lighting Design : Andreas Harder
Lighting Technician: Ronald Hessman

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY shows the audience literally without images how the world that so obstinately surrounds us is made: through a just as obstinate play on words that finds its way into the performance as transformed material from the experienced, narrated and discovered, from remains of stories, from the just created or the precisely constructed. In order perhaps even to do damage, damage to the images and fixations of our world, which enclose us or rather connect us: to the simple machine FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. Because what is 'seen' on the stage exists only as a form of our imagination, evoked through random-involuntary settings that produce a real time without a basis in reality – and yet constantly examine truth or the world: as post-epic narration, as portrayal in its smallest dimension.


Sybrig Dokter
works as a choreographer and performer in the field of contemporary dance, crossing over to the visual arts and contemporary theatre. Although various projects and collaborations take her into other realms, she has her base in the physical, choreographed, body. She was educated as a dancer at Codarts, Roterdam and at various places in London and New York.
Selected works and projects: Manuskriptet Dodo:MOU, idea description Malin Elgán, initiated concept Koreografiska Konstitutet, solo.  Performer in Trafo, a short film by Paul Horn, Vienna. Performer in For Your Eyes Only by Peter Stamer, Vienna and Berlin. Organizer and initiation off the project Home/ДOM in Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus with Benno Voorham through Lava-Dansproduktion. Participation in Tandem Ukr/Mol as a cultural manager, initiated by ECF and MitOst. Farfrom, collaboration with composer Ann Rosén, Digital Art Center. WFOW, collaboration with Ingrid Cogne, Rasmus West and Anna Koch, Almost out of Sight festival, Weld.

Andreas A. Müller
Berlin, is a contemporary dancer, performer, improvisation teacher and songwriter. He has worked with Meg Stuart (Alibi, Visitors only, etc.), Boris Charmatz (Quintette cercle, La levée des conflits), Jess Curtis and TwoFish amongst many others. His own works often were collaborations with Joséphine Evrard. In 2004 he received a study grant by the city of Berlin. Since 2007 and framed by various workshops as well as performative occasions Rosalind Crisp’s research has a very important influence on his recent dancing practise. Aside from that he is the leadsinger and cofounder of the duo Beide Messies.

Peter Stamer
works as director, dramaturg, mentor and curator in the field of contemporary theatre. In his projects he is mainly interested in the aesthetic tension between the potency of bodies and their potential to language. His performance and theatre projects, realized all over Europe, also led him to China, Egypt, USA, or Israel. His recent works include a.o. The Path Of Money, a documentary/theatre/installation on a travelling banknote through China; the performance For Your Eyes Only on story telling and blindness; or The Big Event 1 – 3, a documentary theatre play on the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Lately he has been working on the international building-performance-project A Future Archeology within which spatial structures in Berlin, Vienna, and Cairo were to be built during five months in 2013. He is currently preparing the project 26 Letters to Deleuze on the L'Abécédaire de Gilles Deleuze for EMPAC in Troy/New York.