Global Capital, Post-Medial Art 3, October 17

What is Speculation as a Mode of Production
– Lecture by Marina Vishmidt (GB/US)

In the third part of the lecture series Global Capital, Post-Medial Art London-based writer and critic Marina Vishmidt will give a talk entitled What is Speculation as a Mode of Production?

Following on from her research into the relationship between transformations in the experience of work and in artistic production in the past half-century, Vishmidt will look at how performative practices in contemporary art can help us understand the materiality of social and economic abstraction as it unfolds today.

The lecture series Global Capital, Post-Medial Art investigates the relation between contemporary art forms, mainly installation and performance art, and the development of capitalism towards an increasingly de-regulated market. Implicit in the concept of 'contemporary art' is the idea that the borders between the traditional art forms – painting and sculpture mainly – are, if not completely abolished, at least considered unimportant. But contemporary art has not for that reason completely got rid of specific media. Rather it is based on so called post-media or in-between art forms such as installation and performance art. These in-between art forms must be understood in relation to the development towards a generic concept of art since the 1960s and a capitalist market which knows no national borders.

How did art forms such as performance and dance reflect on their status as commodities and capitalist labour when they emerged? To what extent do artists working in these media today continue to reflect upon this? The lecture series Global Capital, Post-Medial Art aims, on the one hand, to analyse the emergence of these traditionally experimental art forms and, on the other hand, to investigate their status and political potential within the framework of global capitalism today.

The lecture series Global Capital, Post-Medial Art is organised by writer and researcher Josefine Wikström on the commission of Weld.

Marina Vishmidt
is a London-based writer and critic working on questions around art, labour and the value-form. She has just completed a PhD at Queen Mary, University of London on 'Speculation as a Mode of Production in Art and Capital'. She has held posts including the DAAD Research Grant at the University of Hamburg (2012), the Montehermoso Research Grant (2011/12), critic-in-residence at the FRAC Lorraine (2009) and a fellowship at the Jan van Eyck Academie (2007/8). She holds an MA from the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy. She co-edited Uncorporate Identity (2010) with Metahaven, and Media Mutandis: Art, Technologies and Politics (NODE. London, 2006). She has taught at Central St Martins, Goldsmiths, ArtEZ and the Universität der Künste. She is a regular contributor to catalogues, edited collections and journals such as Mute, Afterall, Parkett and Texte zur Kunst. She also takes part in the collective projects Unemployed Cinema and Cinenova. She is currently writing a book with Kerstin Stakemeier on the politics of autonomy and reproduction in art (Hamburg: Textem, forthcoming).

Josefine Wikström
is a PhD Candidate at the Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University. In her thesis, supervised by professor Peter Osborne, she investigates the concept of performance within contemporary art and from the standpoint of concepts of labour and action in Marx, Sartre and other thinkers. Josefine Wikström has taught at Central St Martins, Kingston University and Konstfack. She will be a visiting tutor at Goldsmiths in the coming year. She also works as an art critic and writer and has written for Afterall, MAY Revue and for international peer-reviewed journals such as Philosophy and Photography and Performance Research Journal