Jan 31. RUPTURE – RECORD – SCREEN >> Pt 2 / Roberto N. Peyre (SE)

The Revolutionary Unconscious as Musicalities at the Border.

A film-evening and lecture curated by the swedish artist Roberto N. Peyre
An Acousmatic videogrammar of the haunted, the intoxicated, the contagious, the viral and the possessed as sonic fiction, trapped, mapped and snapped. 

The event is a collective journey through hives of pre recorded sounds and sighthings. A fine selection of samples from feature-, doumentary-, Art-, and amateur movies will be screened throughout the evening.

The event is a part of the project Dancing Plague that is held at Weld January 31 and February 7, presented as a solo, workshop, film- and lecture evening, concert and open dancefloor where dance and music as infection and excess are in focus.

Studied fine art and aural culture at Goldsmiths – University of London. Roberto N. Peyre works with audiovisual installation and performativity. Among his recent works is the installation and performance works Ship of Fools and Lovaman that was shown at GIBCA 2013.
More info: robertonpeyre.com och blot.se

The project Dancing Plague is created by Lea Martini in collaboration with Anne-Mareike Hess. Hess and Martini works in recidency at Weld January 19 to February 8 2014

Dancing Plague, Dancing mania or Choreomania are names for the phenomenon in the middle ages where people bursted into uncontrollable, contaminated movement excesses. Possible triggers for these outbursts stay within the realm of speculation and fantastic stories.

A collaboration between Skogen and Weld