Lecture by Sergej Pristaš. 8 april

The Time After (In)Completion
There is a moment when performance comes out from its larval phase and becomes a gesture. This moment is always arbitrary simply because the so-called organic or natural motivation to finish the work is also related to a decision, social contract, convention or ideology of natural or organicist completeness. But the time of completion begins just before the deadline and stretches into a time of undead work, depending on the deadliness of the mortal limit.
The time of completion is prolonged, performance studies would say, by interpretation or by some final reworking of the artwork, cosmetic or surgical corrections put on the zombie-face of endless, deadless or undead project. The paradox of the project is that it exists as long as it is incomplete, but the endless completion is the mode of its execution.
Proposing the idea of post-hoc dramaturgy – as an analytical effort and the pragmatics of introduction of those insights back into practice – we are interested in understanding what kind of “dead labour”, what kind of knowledge, we accumulate and how we re-invest that knowledge into poetics after production, the post-hoc poetics.

Sergej Pristaš
Dramaturgist and Associate Professor at the Academy of Dramatic Arts, University of Zagreb.  Co-founder and member of BADco., performing arts collective. President of Founding Board of Center For Artistic Research, University of Zagreb.
Program coordinator in Centre for Drama Art (CDU) from 1995 till 2007. First editor-in-chief (1996-2007) of Frakcija, a magazine for the performing arts.
One of the initiators of the project Zagreb – Cultural Kapital of Europe 3000.
With his projects and collaborations (BADco., Frakcija) participated at Venice Biennale 2011, Documenta 12, ARCO and numerous festivals and conferences.