Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings 9-14 sept.

Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings is a collaboration project between Weld and Navinki international festival of performance art in Minsk. The festival includes performances, workshops and artists talks.

The project will take place in Minsk and in Stockholm:

– in Minsk, as a part of Navinki festival, 29 August-1 September 2008;
– in Stockholm, 9-14 September 2008.

Tickets 100 Sek a day, 150 Sek the whole festival. Opening night the 11th admission free

Participating artists:

Belarus: Nataliya Lysovskaya, Victor Petrov, Tatiana & Dmitriy Majboroda,Denis Romanovski
Hong Kong/France : Ko Siu Lan
Germany : Boris Nieslony
Poland: Janusz Baldyga, Wladyslaw Kazmierzcak & Ewa Rybska
Spain: Valentin Torrens.
Sweden: Erik Wijkström, Marit Lindberg, Katarina Nitsch, Gustav Broms


9 Sept. 17.00

Lecture by Boris Nieslony at the Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH/Kungliga Konsthögskolan). (A two day workshop is given to KKH-students)

11 Sept. 19:00

Weld Talk opening; "We invite you for a shot of vodka and feel free to introduce yourself to the artists"

12 Sept.

11:00-15:00 artists talks :Janusz Baldyga, Boris Nieslony, Katarina Nitsch, Victor Petrov, Valentin Torrens, Dmitriy & Tatiana Maiboroda

16:00-22:00 public performances at the Weld and outdoors;
Gustaf Broms, Siu Lan Ko, Marit Lindberg, Nataliya Lisovskaya, Victor Petrov, Denis Romanovski

13 Sept.

11:00-14:00 artists talks:Gustaf Broms, Siu Lan Ko, Marit Lindberg, Dimitri Plax, Wladyslaw Kazmierczak & Ewa Rybska, Petter Pettersson(Lilith Performance Studio), Helen Karlsson och SU-EN (Internationella performancekonstfestivalen Friktioner)

16:00-22:00 public performances at the Weld and outdoors;

Janusz Baldyga, Wladyslaw Kazmierzcak & Ewa Rybska , Dmitriy & Tatiana Maiboroda, Boris Nieslony, Katarina Nitsch, Valentin Torrens, Erik Wijkström

14 Sept.

11:00-12:00 closing: Weld Walk.

Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings in collaboration with Denis Romanovski (International Festival of Performance Art Navinki 2008)

With support from Swedish Institute (Svenska institutet), Polish Institute (Polska institutet), Instituto Cervantes and Royal University College of Fine Arts (KKH/Kungliga Konsthögskolan).

Weld receives support from Statens Kulturråd, Stockholms Läns Landsting and Stockholm Stad


Participating artists

Janusz Baldyga

Janusz Baldyga (b. 1954 in Lubin) Is one of Polands most famous performanceartists. He graduated with an MFA in 1979 in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1974-79) under the supervision of Prof. Stefan Gierowski. Bałdyga was co-founder and member of the artistic group Pracownia (1976-81), co-manager, along with Jerzy Onuch and Łukasz Szajna, of the Pracownia Gallery in the Dean's Student Centre for the Artistic Community in Warsaw (1976-79), and a member of Akademia Ruchu (Movement Academy) since 1979. Since 1982, he has been holding auteur didactic workshops and lectures. Bałdyga has participated in national and international art exhibitions, symposiums, and activities.

Katarina Nitsch

Katarina Nitsch creates performances combining directing and acting, installation art and video. Her work takes off from mythological and allegorical characters, fables, tales and activities such as hunting, fencing and martial arts. She is exploring the possibility to find new ways in a constructed order, the actors are filmed and directed while relating to each other, the surroundings and the expectations of themselves and others. Considering the existence of power and the existence of hierarchy as floating structures in a constant state of transformation makes linearity impossible. Small changes in gestures and behaviour will transform power to weakness, human into doll and theatre into reality. This is a way through systems, stories, visions and tales. Capacity for transformation is the power and the key.

More information:

Marit Lindberg

Marit Lindberg works primarily with video as a medium. During the last years her works have been based around narrative structures, that together form a narrative language and gaps appearing in translation processes och collective memories. She is interested in the process of mythologizing as it emerges when a story is retold enough times. She is also interested to reach a simplicty in an recognizable everyday-life as an starting-point for topics that are quite complex.

The past few years I have collected interviews with artists who have had dreams about other artists works. The dreams are sometimes about existing works, but more often works that are invented by the dreamer. I have interviewed artists in Taiwan, Japan, South Africa, Denmark and Sweden.

More information:

Gustaf Broms

Gustaf Broms (born in Sweden, 1966) background is in photography, but over the past twenty years he has worked in wide variety of media. Even if the materials have changed the core of the work focus on the same questions or relationships such as time/space, matter/mind, inner/outer. In 1994 Broms burnt all his works in a ritual and that became the starting point for work that focused on the process rather than the result, this led to the project Ex silentio.

Since 2005 the work has moved away from objects, and Broms now use his body as the main material for exploring these concepts. Starting with the project “ a walking piece ” (2005-06), based on a walk from Uppland to the Black sea, the artist puts the focus on the idea of the traces that we or history leave behind.

In 2006 Broms started a new work in central Stockholm called “ the sitting” that is an ongoing process where his body is again used as the main tool.

More information:

Boris Nieslony

Boris Nieslony (1945 in Colone) has worked intensively as a performance artist, curator, archivist and independent scholar, staging various installations, interventions and artist projects since the 1970s. He is the founder of Black Market International, a performance group that meets regularly in various configurations to realize group performance projects, and ASA, a foundation for a self-organizing rhizomatic network of performance artists and theorists. Today, Boris Nieslony is recognized as one of the most prolific and significant contributors to performance art.

Wladyslaw Kazmierczak

Wladyslaw Kazmierczak was born in 1951. Educated at the Academy of Fine Art in Cracow (M.A.), he first began creating performance art actions in 1979. He has presented over 150 performances in Poland, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Mexico, Indonesia and Switzerland. In 1997 he began creating collaborative works with Ewa Rybska. Kazmierczak is the director and curator of the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art in Slupsk, Poland, and is also the curator and organizer of the Castle of Imagination International Performance Art Festival taking place annually in various locations throughout Poland since 1993.

Ewa Rybska

Ewa Rybska was born in 1958, and studied at the College of Art and Design in Minsk Mazowiecki, Poland. Since 1994 she has been working as a curator of the artistic programme at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art. She is also a co-organizer of the annual Castle of the Imagination International Performance Art Festival. Following her interest in multi-media visual art, she has been active in the initiation and administration of several international artist-run projects, including exchange exhibitions, festivals and artist residencies. Since 1997 she has been creating performance art works in collaboration with Wladyslaw Kazmierczak, performing in Slovakia, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Belarus, Ireland, Slovenia, Mexico, Indonesia and Poland.

Ko Siu Lan

Ko Siu Lan (born 1977 in Xiamen, China. Grew up in Hong Kong) graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master in Sociology and worked as full time NGO worker on rural community development projects in China until 2007. She started making performance in 2001. Often using simple poetic gestures and participatory in nature, her works question social political issues, perception, propaganda, and identity. Siu Lan is currently based in Paris as a research artist at the Program La Seine of the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris. More information:


Valentin Torrens

Valentin Torrens (born in Huesca 1951, living in Barcelona) is an internationally recognized performance artist, theorist and teacher. Since the early 1990’s, he has performed in twenty-five countries in Europe, North America and Asia, presenting his works as one-man actions in international festivals and exhibitions. In the last six years he has also organized the important multi-disciplinary Periferias festival in Huesca and the Territoris Nomades in Barcelona. Valentin has also conducted many workshops of performance and published artist books and catalogues. He is presently editing Performance Pedagogy, a book that includes documentation and course material from over 30 teachers and programs engaged in the research and teaching of performance art genres.

He is interested in media uses and rewards. Perception as source and limit of our desires.The politics of perception, its liberation, the social shaping of the meaning. Communication as suggestion. Visual poetry in unconventional languages, breaking and challenging performative resources. Changing strategies. Decoding the accommodations of art and culture. For live streamed event, please go to

Viktor Petrov (Belarus)

The performance of Victor Petrov merged two actions: a shamanistic, healing activity and reminiscences about the rebellious attitude of the Dadaists towards culture. The performance art is for today the only open and live nerve of this existence able to create fields and space for the interaction of thoughts, feelings and experiences based on the personality of its author, who is not limited by the constraints of other genres and alien energies and through the process of performing can retransmit ideas and experiences in their purest form, for he is letting them flow through himself right at the face-to-face moment of acting.

Dmitriy Mayboroda &Tatyana Matroshilova (Belarus)

Interactive performances are like balancing chaotically over a chasm, particularly if participants are given wide freedom of choice. The performance New Order for example, was built upon three decisions made by members of the audience who gradually transform into participants. The conclusion to be drawn from this miniature social experiment is that our decisions create who we are, even unintentionally. Possibly, those who lose out are the ones that refuse to make any kind of decision.

Erik Wijkström

Erik Wijkström´s performances and art projects are permeated with self irony, ridiculing excess and intellectualism or, vice versa, the limited, conditional nature of relations and situations. Innocently provocative, Erik´s works tear away the veil of ennui and banality.


Nataliya Lisovskaya (Belarus)

A step… A new step… What lies ahead? What will the next step be, and what will it bring me? Will it be something new, or a retur to the old? Life resembles a chain of steps forward… or back? In order to progress forward, it is sometimes good to step back., understand as much as possible, and see the future from a wider perspective. Each moment of life, its every step – is a game; a game that is varied, unexpected and unpredictable, sometimes according its own rules, sometimes not. Him and her, mother and child, me and them… We all play with everyone else. In any new situation (or new game), we try to dictate rules that date from long ago in our childhoods. Sometimes it comes off elegantly and easily, but sometimes difficuylt and crude. We drag these rules along behind us, trying to apply them to every event in life, to every step. That is forward – back?!