Nov 30+Dec1,Takako Suzuki / Pär Thörn: Blind-Tisch

Blind-Tisch is a first collaboration between Japanese dancer and choreographer Takako Suzuki and Swedish musician and poet Pär Thörn. The work premiered in Berlin March 2014.

With influences as diverse as gymnastic, hardcore music, dadaism and arbitrary office aesthetics the duo produces an unexpected meeting and a genrecrossing work that moves flexibly between electroacoustic music, dance, performance art and onomatopoetic poetry.

Pär Thörn is considered as one of the most exciting and important young poets in sweden today and he is also active as electromusician. Today,as well as Takako Suzuki, he is based in Berlin. Since 1992, Takako Suzuki has worked together with the choreographer Sasha Waltz in all company productions of Sasha Waltz and Guests .

Concept: Takako Suzuki & Pär Thörn
Choreography: Takako Suzuki
Music composition and poem: Pär Thörn
Performed by: Takako Suzuki, Pär Thörn

With generous support by Sasha Waltz & Guests and Radialsystem  V, Berlin.

is born 1965 in Nara, Japan. After her study of design in Tokyo, 1986, she started to study dance with Anzu Furukawa(JP) in Tokyo and at Hochschule Bildende Kunst Braunschweig in Germany. Since 1992 she is living in Berlin where she is working with Sasha Waltz and collaborated in most productions of the dancecompany Sasha Waltz & guests. Beside of company activity, she continued own projects with her own choreography in collaboration with Dietmar Diesner (Saxophone), Axel Dörner (Trumpet) Constanza Macras (Choreography) and Nicola Mascia (Choreography and Dance). She was 1999 – 2005 a member of dance ensemble by Schaubuehne am Lehniner Platz, Berlin. 208 and 2010, she performed two comissioned works with support by Tanzplan in Desden.

was born 1977 in Uddevalla, Sweden.  Thörn is a live­electronic musician, writer and conceptual artist.
He wants to emphasize the mechanical and material aspects of the taperecorder and the unsecure element in the use of radio. The music moves between sinewaves, circuitbending, clicking stroboscopes, metallic sounds, chanting sound poetry and brutal screams that get juxtaposed with the found material of the radios. Thörns record "Schöneberg/Stammheim/Gärdet/Rågsved" (Treffpunkt) got nominated as the best Swedish experimental music record during 2008. Currently he is active in projects with the dancer Takako Suzuki, the turntablist Ignaz Schick, the saxophone player Martin Küchen and the trumpet player Axel Dörner.