Okt 14. Book Presentation. Efva Lilja: Att leva i och genom dans

Welcome to share an afternoon about Swedish dance history and how it relates to the present. Based on a newly published book, Efva Lilja talks about what it has been like to work as an artist, what factors have influenced opportunities to work and what influences today. She opens up a conversation about how the collegial context and commitment can pave the way for better conditions, working conditions and networks in a rapidly changing labor market.

October 14 at 2pm–4pm

Free admission

Norrtullsgtana 7

Book at: book.weld.se

Efva Lilja has written several books on dance and choreography. In her new book, she talks about what she has lived, experienced and witnessed during the more than 40 years she has been active as a dancer and choreographer in an exposé of Swedish contemporary dance art 1980-2020. Together with about 20 colleagues who contribute with memories, she tells the story of a hesitant, small freelance sector to a vital, innovative and successful art field. This story can be read in direct relation to the factors that affect artists’ ability to work in dance and choreography today. It is also a ‘journey through time’ that makes clear that what is produced today becomes history tomorrow. A story that concerns everyone who is curious about how it can be to live in and through dance. Swedish contemporary dance art is noticed in the world!

Efva Lilja is an artist working with choreography as dance, image and text in works that take us through different layers of consciousness, erotic episodes, contemplative stillness or playfulness with a political edge. Her work is both entertaining and disturbing, as she tackles basic human conditions with a unique power of suggestion. She is an unconventional artist who, with choreographed sequences, offers images and words to use in the realization of everyday events and actions that are reconsidered and given new expressions. Her work has been shown in some 40 countries and her books and articles have been translated into several languages.


Att leva i och genom dans
– An exposé of Swedish contemporary dance 1980-2020
Efva Lilja

Appell Förlag, Stockholm
© Appell Förlag & Efva Lilja 2023
Publisher: Helena Hegardt
Cover & Graphic Design: Nina Ulmaja & Olga Nycander
Printing: Livionia print, Riga, Latvia 2023
ISBN 978-91-988151-3-9

Att leva i och genom dans has been produced, printed and published with support from
The Carina Ari Memorial Foundation
Swedish Arts Grants Committee
The Royal Patriotic Society

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