resolutionary bodies August 15-17

How artificial is The nature? And how natural is The body?

A performance that attempts to connect what seems un-connectable, and practice what dosen´t make sense.
Choreography: Sebastian Lingserius
Performers: Moa Westerlund, Allison Ahl and Tove Salmgren
Lightdesign: Johan Sundén
Installation: Emin Durak
Scenography/Textiles: Lydia Paasche
The foyer deals with the idea of an artificial, non-organic nature, that doesn’t decompose or change, that is in constant alteration depending on the audience’s location and movement in space. The aim is to create a symbiosis between what appears to be natural, and what does not. Everything from wallpapers with flowers to a rippling river in mp3-format.

The question occurs: how much does nature needs to be natural in order to be nature? Ie. does it need smell? Must the audio coincide with the visuals? This will be proposed as a social situation where the audience interact with the environment and each other by utilizing different elements.

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Produced by Kass Production in cooperation with Weld and supported by Stockholms läns landsting, Stockholms stad and Swedish Arts Council