Rodrigo Sobarzo, April 17-18

How to dive into embodying transient states? What kind of attention is required to visualize mental states? In contemplating the presence of multiple states of being (or different levels of consciousness), do they permeate one another in perpetual influence? How do these omnipresent sources pervade the space, the stage, rendered as a zone of concentration?

What are the primary qualities that are inscribed in the space to determine a particular state of consciousness? Can it be such delicate and ephemeral sensations as colour, vibration or frequency? Do we share the understanding of these notions? Can we be united in states of perception, achieved by the coincidence of inducers, colors and the space’s beholders?

United States of Contemplation subtly alters the way we perceive, inscribing spatial zones, embracing memory-recollection and carving out colour. Deliberately remaining in the realm before meaning, devoutly absorbing the sensible, blindly believing in the power of introspection.

United States of Attention
United States of Sensation
United States of Perception
United States of Concentration

Direction, choreography:
Rodrigo Sobarzo de Larraechea
Light-design: Jan Fedinger
Sound-design: Steve Martin Snider

studied choreography at the SNDO. His work MINING has been shown in Amsterdam, Bassano del Grappa, Belgrade, Berlin, Brussels, Ljubljana, Poznan and Warsaw. His work is being produced by Het Veem Theater in Amsterdam where he premiered his latest pieces UNITED STATES (2011) and THE HARVEST (2012). His work seeks to envelop the audience into visual introspection. Besides his own creations he has participated as a performer/collaborator in pieces by Ivana Muller, Jefta van Dinther, Martin Nachbar, Jeremy Wade and An Kaler.