Unheimliche Verfalschungen, September 13 and 15

By and with Marie Fahlin and Filippa Arrias

Unheimliche Verfalschungen is based on the idea about a through choreography reproducibly painting.The form for this is a staged composition by choreographer Marie Fahlin and the visual artist Filippa Arrias.

Unheimliche Verfalschungen explores how the painted, functional, gesture can be transformed into choreographic movement. At the same time it raises questions about originality, reproduction and copying. As the background for their work, Fahlin and Arrias use studies in action painting on one hand and the art of Hilma af Klint  on the other hand, particularly Hilmas method of creating art through direct contact with the astral world. With Hilma af Klints painting serie The Swan as starting point, Fahlin and Arrias explores different approaches to choreography and visual art.