Weld this autumn

September 30-October 2
Premiere: warp / Gry Tingskog

October 12
Open talk: ”What is radical?”
Guests: Beth Laurin, Nasim Aghili, Thierry Mortier, Paloma Madrid, Ulrika Gomm a.o

October 21-23
Premiere: Barricades and Legacies: Chiron in Aries, Recital #3 / Fredéric Gies

October 27
Open Showing:
Weld Company Extended
/ Nicole Neidert

October 28-30,
Premiere, Film Screening and Artist Talk

/ Adriana Cubides

November 4
Open Showing
Weld Company Extended
/ Elisabete Finger

November 11
Open Showing
Weld Company Extended
/ Femke Gyselinck

November 18
Open Showing
Weld Company Extended
/ Harald Beharie

November 25-27
Premiere: Turbulent Flow / Anna Pehrsson

December 3+4
Tonträger / Darko Dragičević & Martin Sonderkamp

December 8-11
Kids@Weld: Träda, Prassla, Tråda / Helena Lambert & Sara Lindström Lindhe

December 16-18
Premiere: Lasting Figures / Salka Ardal Rosengren

More to be announced