October 11. Showing – The Great Beyond / Emma and Peter

a resurrection in the aftermath of a performance, the séance of the art world.

In October 2015 Emma and Peter is in residency at Weld with their ongoing research project The Great Beyond in which they  search for the afterlife of the performance art object. Where does creativity go once the performance has ended, as it moves into the world, into the audience and participants reality? What happens after the applause?

In the search for this spirit of art and the mystery of its presumed power, The Great Beyond will investigate how to facilitate a space for exercising different types of voicing in the theatre. It is a kind of direct-democratic activism. Developing the agency of creativity by using their skills of listening on needs, starting conversation, creating a safe environment and initiating dancing. Ultimately taking space and creating space in the homes of art; venues, festivals, stages, galleries, universities, in order to provide an opportunity to destroy structures of domination and control, freeing all to creatively take advantage of their possibilities.

Emma and Peter, invites you to join them in reflection of and through the materials and ideas they have begun creating in their exploration at Weld. Please join! It will be a calm hangout exploring different proposals together, where they invite you to talk and reflect, maybe move, maybe draw, maybe dream, maybe something beyond the horizon, and definitely fika.

Emma and Peter
went to the Master programme of choreography at DOCH together. They are artists, dancers choreographers and performers. They have both in their own work been questioning and searching for more ethical and democratic ways of using stage art in bettering society. During their education they together created Emma and PETER’s discussion game and café where they continued to explore these urges together.

Emma has since forever worked in collectives and collaborations, among others in ÖFA-kollektivet, where a flat hierarchy is always the format, feminism is the analysis, work is done across genres and according to the principle “how we do determines what will be”. Used to always question power-structures, Emma has for the last two years focused on what kind of knowledge is valued in the choreography and dance-field. In The Improvisation Series she has worked on using traditionally female traits and dancer skills as a creative choreographic practice. Things like facilitating, taking social responsibility, listening, following, pleasing, being attractive and sensual as artistic knowledge.

Peter’s work follows on from The reformulation handbook. An investigation of documentation, score and the performative play that happens between the two. Presented as a feedback workshop for two other artists performances at Dansens Hus. This investigation of score and documentation came to form the basic function of a 48 hour long choreography entitled PETER where Peter invited an audience before after and during to read, follow and create documents and scores through a mess of documents and scores. Reorganising value and creating a moment of calm and safe redistribution of importance. The two works set forth material and interest in artistic sharing and its social relevance. Which allowed Peter to see choreography as the understanding of that which guides our actions. Through social and participatory choreography Peter works for intersubjective direct-democratic practices to fight all forms of authoritarianism.