28 April: LABOR IS LOVE. Labor, Law & Mobility in the 21st century

This is an inter-disciplinary seminar, aimed at bringing people from different work-fields together; in order to envision a transcendent future where labor is to love what you do, and to love is labor, no matter where you are in the planet earth.

Labor in the 21st century
Is it possible to think that the concept of labor in the future may be purely self-driven, pleasurable and artistic contribution at such service of a society?

Can it be more emancipated from the hegemony of external powers; such as a widespread economic system, state apparatus, profit-based corporations, state-run agencies, or any other factor than: the very well-being of the workers, their inter-relations, the society in which they cohabit, and the ecology itself?

We want to articulate with you about how we can
bring about:

  • value beyond commodities,
  • benefit beyond profits,
  • contribution beyond borders

in the rest of the 21st century.


Do you have an idea to share?

Have you done some research that you would like to talk about and ask for opinions? You’re very welcome to take initiative to present your work to an audience. Just keep in mind please, our theme is labor. Anything from 1 minute poetry reading to 1 hour phd dissertation presentation is welcome. You choose your medium, you choose your content. We help you out.

Contact Emin Durak: emin@gecekondu.eu
More info: laborislove.se


Welcome to an afternoon full of inspiration, joy, knowledge and wisdom; bodily and mindly….

What to expect: Tropic fruit-juice bar, healthy light veggie meals, friendly people, cosy environment, freedom to enact.

What to bring: Comfortable clothes! (yoga pants, pyjamas whatever). Yoga-mat (if you have any) or cushion or blanket. Optionally your favourite food, snack or drink.

For more details, please go to:  laborislove.se

(Every presentation includes time for questions & conversation during and/or after)

14:00 (30mins)
Co-creative Yoga & Movement Session
with Gabriela Dolejsi & Anna Jähle

14:35 (30mins)
Looking at the Design of Interactive Artefacts from a Crafts Perspective
with Vasiliki Tsaknaki

15:10 (1min)
Decentralise and De-centre the Eyes (poem)
Danielle McMaster

15:15 (30mins)
Deep Learning for Artists
with Carl Thome

15:50 (15mins)
Shattered Thoughts on Economic Democracy: The Future of Labor and Effects on Society
with Alexander Ingster Hofgren

16:10 (15mins)
Pomegra: Books to Burn & Stories to Tell
Emin Durak

16:30 (15mins)
“The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran (poet)
with Simion Iulian Belea

—Half an hour break—

17:15 (25mins)
The Arctic in Transition
With Marianne Falardeau

17:45 (40mins)
Pracrising Transitions: Participatory Workshop on the Performance of Crisis
with Nefeli Ikonomou

18:30 (15mins)
Child Labor in South Asia & Different Perceptions of Child Labor
with Mubassir Shah

18:50 (15mins)
“Working Voices”: Poetry, Labor and Protest by Philip Levine
with Gül Bilge Han

19:15 (1hour)
The Journey – Connect with yourself and others through breathwork and tantric exercises (non-sexual)
with Alexander Ingster Hofgren

With DJ sessions by Daniel Nilzen, and PPT: “Your personal private tattoo” with Adrianna Borucka throughout the event

Mingle with drinks and nice music by Daniel will follow the presentations.