21 oktober. Writing History In All Directions – With Weld Company

21 oktober kl. 13.00 – 16.00
Weld Company invite you to an afternoon of writing where anyone who is interested in writing skriva om ämnet repertoarkompani on notions of the repertory dance company, is welcome to join in. We want to broaden our perspectives and include more voices as well as share our work and thoughts.

This is a start of a collection of notions and properties relating to the repertory dance company, in the past, present and reaching all the way into the future. We write from the position of spectators, doers, makers as well as from a place of hope.

Come join us in the writing of history in all directions!
We will be writing in the afternoon of our daily working hours.

You can come by at any time between 13.00-16.00, Wednesday 21 October at Weld.

Bring your own device to write on. We will be writing in English. There will be coffee, tea and fruit.

Looking forward,

Weld Co

Aktiva medlemmar i Weld Company 2015 är: Caroline Byström (SE), Robin Dingemans (NZ/GB/SE), Sybrig Dokter (NL/SE), Marie Fahlin (SE), Noah Hellwig (SE), Disa Krosness (SE), Josefine Larson Olin (SE), Sandra Lolax (FI), Per Sacklén (SE), Hanna Strandberg (SE), Andrea Svensson (SE) och Anna Westberg (SE)