Spring games 11/5

What do kids celebrate by playing games?
What do we celebrate with Olympic Games?
What are we good at and what are we trained for?

Yes, let’s execute our perfectness and exceptionality on a playground. If you are serious in own perfection progress come and overcome your boredom within competitions you are best in. Come and celebrate your superiority – in Spring Games every one wins. You may create rules at the spot and you may alter the rules at any moment according to your individual superiority features. The Spring Games has only one mandatory rule: Everyone have to win, no one may lose.

The Spring Games is self-organized no budget Olympic Games of artists and anyone else. The Spring Games committee provides a time spot of the event and declares the Spring Games to be open in Stockholm 11 May 2008 13:00 and to last whole day until 17:00. With all regards, you may have your own Spring Games anywhere and anytime in spring, nevertheless, the official opening ceremony with carrying Spring Games Wire to be happen 13:00 in Vasaparken in Stockholm; the official awards ceremony to take place 16:45.

We summon you to compete with each other or with yourself in what you are best at. Certainly, some training is advised before you attend the Spring Games. You might find useful some example exercises for you trainings like boredom jumps, happy push-ups, worldview hide and seek, smile run and similar.

Training tips: It is wise to prepare yourself for the competitions, especially because you are going to win and your victory might be hard to bear if you not trained. Therefore open your imagination and be ready to win. For example, buy a herring and try to cheat it – 100% you win, you may repeat in similar way with other none- animated objects, beware of exercising with alive objects since the results might be unpredictable and catastrophic, and for your own sake do not overdo it, because you might lose a pleasure of winning.
Weather tips. Bring you support team to arrange good supportive weather around the games. (Your support team may participate in the games as well.)
Documentation tips. Bring your cameras, recording devises, and other memorizing techniques in order to memorize your happy moments of winning.

Awards and ceremonies, The Spring Games will be launched with the opening ceremony which will include carrying the Spring Games Wire. The Wire will be carried by relay-race (stafett) to the Spring Games location (you may use your own wire, though). The Spring Games athletes will be awarded, with plastic medals or their surrogates during the closing ceremony.

Weld Spring Games committee: Anna Koch and Denis Romanovski