Unfolding attempts to reveal the simultaneous in the meeting of historical layers and fictional occurrences to create factors of immediacy. Unfolding is presented on carefully selected spots in a museum, in the entrance hall as well as exhibition rooms, during a few hours a day.

Unfolding (2011) is a site-specific piece first presented at the festival:display in the Modern museum of Art in Stockholm. Number of participants varies depending on the site. For more info please contact info@weld.se  

Idea/Concept/Choreography: Anna Koch
Choreographic assistance: Moa Hansen
Stina Nyberg, Moa Hansen, Rebecka Stillman, Lista Östberg, Ulrika Berg, Susanne Höglin, Juli Reinarz, Nadja Hjorton, Anna Koch. 
Produced by Weld for Fesitival:display, 2011. 
Supported by: The Swedish Arts council, Stockholm County Council, Stockholm city council.
Produced by: Weld


”And why not involve the audience, as Anna Koch does in the piece Unfolding where anyone who wants to can follow a group of dancers through the exhibition space. The most interesting part is when one of the dancers is left alone in a sitting pose. Her body expresses vulnerability in solitude. Which fascinates me until I start feeling the urge to see what the others do – and abandon the lonely dancer. Suddenly a fun performance leads to a personal existential question. Who am I and how do I act?” Lena Andrén Nummer

”Anna Koch and dancers makes a personal, subtle loop including retrospective and contemporary exhibitions.  In Eva Löfdahl airy rooms the choreography becomes a repetitive transparency, while the halls with photo elicits a more direct dialogue. As when the dancers lie down and ”float” above Liina Siibs picture of water-borne cells, Presumed Innocence”.
Anna Ångström Svd.

”The Group, a part from Koch were women in many different forms and ages. One of the women was heavily pregnant. The dance took place in silence; it was slow, quiet, which fit the installation. It was great. Great to see the various bodies move – something that you who read the blog before probably noticed that I like. I’ve never seen a pregnant woman dancing before. It was so nice.” Rodeo/Const