Shoes Off 12+13/12 2008.

The festival Shoes Off at Weld in Stockholm is focusing on interdisciplinary meetings when dancers and choreographers collaborate with practitioners from photography, graphic design and science. The ... continue >

Slowfall by Måretn Spångberg, 6 nov-15 nov

A room appears, open and friendly, in all its simplicity. A room in which silence affects you. Lying down, closing your eyes, listening. Eyes are shut and then opened again. Spångberg is ... continue >

Alice Chauchat & Frédéric Gies 25+26 sept

Two soloperfomances by Alice Chauchat & Frédéric Gies
The Breast Piece (praticable) / Dance(praticable)
25+26 September at 7
tickets 100 kr (half price for students with ID)

Praticable ... continue >

Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings 9-14 sept.

Navinki-Weld Performance Meetings is a collaboration project between Weld and Navinki international festival of performance art in Minsk. The festival includes performances, workshops and artists ... continue >

Artist talk with Christine De Smedt, 26 aug,8 pm.

Artist talk with Christine De Smedt

The belgian choreographer and dancer Christine De Smedt will come to Stockholm. At Weld she will be interviewed about her artistic work.

Christine de Smedt is a ... continue >

Performance by Emily Roysdon 1 Aug 8 – 10 p.m.

"This is an experimental live performance. There is no central text, you will not be entertained, you will be asked to make sounds, and partake in a filming"

Featuring: Malin Arnell, Emma ... continue >

OEI-release with Charles Bernstein (USA), Susan Bee (USA) and Leevi Letho (FIN) the 1 juli 2008

OEI Poetry Area; Extension # 6

Release of an Anthology. Readings by Charles Bernstein(US), Susan Bee(US) and Leevi Lehto (FIN)

Charles Bernstein is a forefront figure in American poetry. In addition to ... continue >

Ingrid Cogne + Diggapony, 13-14/6

Weld Lab 2008 presents

Ingrid Cogne-Poudré(e)s 11

In “Poudré(e)s 11”Ingrid Cogne works on the meeting between representations and sensations of materials. By bringing in a ... continue >

Spring games 11/5

What do kids celebrate by playing games?
What do we celebrate with Olympic Games?
What are we good at and what are we trained for?

Yes, let’s execute our perfectness and exceptionality on a ... continue >

Subjectivity and the Virtual 12/4

The talk 'Subjectivity and the Virtual is a part of Lundahl&Seitls presentation of Work/Workshop at Weld. Featuring three unique speakers the talk will explore areas such as cognitive ... continue >

Lundahl&Seitl 5-12 April


Among the most exciting and original emerging artists currently working in London, Lundahl & Seitl produce tactile and participatory situations, in which visitors experience a ... continue >

Conveyer – 9/2 at 7 pm

Conveyer is an performance spinning off from the project "Ljudingrepp i offentlig miljö". During the autumn 2007 a number of sound actions took place in public places of different ... continue >

Live installation at Hap, 8 feb-2008

Simon vs Simon" A liveinstallation by artist Geska Helena Andersson och Robert Brecevic and the choreographer Anna Koch. Performer: Simon Norrthon

At Hammarby Art Port(HAP) Hammarby ... continue >