Dec 14: Global Capital, Post-Medial Art 4 – Rod Dickinson

In the forth and final part of the lecture series Global Capital, Post-Medial Art during 2013, artist and lecturer Rod Dickinson (GB) will give a talk entitled Performance Machines.

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Weld Company + Kliën, Lilja, Stillman, Walkey +guestperformance

Weld Company på Dans ♥ Stockholm 6 - 8 december

Premiere of Weld Company+ Michael Kliën and performances of Efva Lilja, Rebecka Stillman and Litó Walkeys choreographies for ... continue >

Nov 22+23: Schützen #1 READY, AIM

Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt [DE,DK] + Matthias Meppelink [DE]

With the acknowledged project “Schützen”, Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt opens up to current issues on the belligerent body of our ... continue >

Nov 17:- Hi, how are you? Weld Company/Efva Lilja

Swedish choreographer Efva Liljas creates for Weld Company. She returns to the room she once created and where she had her company E:L:D until 2006. Like all invited choreographers this season, ... continue >

Nov 8: Weld Company/Litó Walkey

 Weld Company enters a new period of work together with an invited choreographer. This time the Berlin based performer and choreographer Litó Walkey is visiting the company. Like all ... continue >

October 22: Weld Company + Rebecka Stillman

Premiere for the newly started dance company Weld Company with a new commissioned work by choreographer Rebecka Stillman (SE)

When Dance Company has been out of the question for many dance makers the ... continue >

Global Capital, Post-Medial Art 3, October 17

What is Speculation as a Mode of Production
- Lecture by Marina Vishmidt (GB/US)

In the third part of the lecture series Global Capital, Post-Medial Art London-based writer and critic Marina Vishmidt ... continue >

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, October 4+5+6

Peter Stamer, Sybrig Dokter, Andreas Müller

There is nothing in front of me. There is nothing underneath my feet. There is nothing to my left. There is nothing here. There is nothing beyond ... continue >

MIT: September 25 and 27

MIT is a character that acts within a fictional world. Directed through imagination MIT is touching, reconstructing, forming, dancing, climbing, being incased, tumbling, toppling, crumbling and ... continue >

Unheimliche Verfalschungen, September 13 and 15

By and with Marie Fahlin and Filippa Arrias

Unheimliche Verfalschungen is based on the idea about a through choreography reproducibly painting.The form for this is a staged composition by ... continue >

resolutionary bodies August 15-17

How artificial is The nature? And how natural is The body?
A performance that attempts to connect what seems un-connectable, and practice what dosen´t make sense.
Choreography: Sebastian
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festival:display 2013, June 11-16

 festival:display is a choreography festival curated by Marie Fahlin and Rebecca Chentinell/Koreografiska Konstitutet. The festival presents choreographic works that challenge and explore new ... continue >

THIS IS CONCRETE, Jefta van Dinther and Thiago Granato, May 21-23

THIS IS CONCRETE is a slow ride. Two men's bodies intermingle with each other incessantly, blurring their boundaries. Infused in a sonic environment of dizzying beats and revolving shadows, the ... continue >

ICS: Open house with Benjamin Noys, May 17

 14-17th of May, Institute for Collective Studies will be working at Weld with some sort of site-specific reflection on the topic Collectivity and the Negative. ICS explores practical strategies ... continue >

The Exhibited by Anna Ådahl, May 10-11

A continuous performance/installation that takes place during two days with four participants.
Participants: Rebecca Chentinell, Sybrig Dokter, Love Källman, Andrea Svensson

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Global Capital, Post-Medial Art 2, April 29

The second part of the lecture series Global Capital, Post-Medial Art will be a shared evening between artist and writer Melanie Gilligan and Dr Kerstin Stakemeier.

Melanie Gilligan will screen and ... continue >

Rodrigo Sobarzo, April 17-18

How to dive into embodying transient states? What kind of attention is required to visualize mental states? In contemplating the presence of multiple states of being (or different levels ... continue >

Avant-Premiere: Ingri Fiksdal, April 12

During a month of recidency at Weld, the Norwegian choreographer Ingri Fiksdal have been preparing her latest work BAND together with Ingeborg S. Olerud, Rosalind Goldberg, Sigrid Hirsch Kopperdal, ... continue >

Lecture by Sergej Pristaš. 8 april

The Time After (In)Completion
There is a moment when performance comes out from its larval phase and becomes a gesture. This moment is always arbitrary simply because the so-called organic or ... continue >

Robert Steijn: Deer Dance – 22 and 23 february

Deer Dance - allowing myself to get high in the clouds of imagination
By and with Robert Steijn (NL)

Robert Steijn presents his magical way of thinking in a solo, called the Deer Dance. He invites you ... continue >


FOREST – a performance by Robert Steijn in collaboration with 5 students of the Masterprogram in Choreography at DOCH + guests

Dinis Machado, Nefeli Oikonomou, Caroline Byström, Ofelia Jarl ... continue >